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"POETRY CELLAR" is a proposal of a series of meetings with poetry and reading poems in front of and with the audience, by an outstanding Polish actress, master of the WORD and professor of the Theater Academy in Warsaw, IRENA JUN, accompanying her artistically and organizationally Anna Bojarska and Marek Urbański and the special guests and artists they invite, during each meeting of others. It is always accompanied by cellar reading music performed live by specially invited instrumentalists or vocalists. This is a Warsaw proposal. Our idea was inspired by the activities of Anna Dymna and her Krakow Poetry Salon and also under the same name of the Poetry Salon at the Polish Theater, operating since January 2011.

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Special guests of the cellar meetings 2011-2018

However, it is to enable the Warsaw audience to meet more often and directly with IRENA JUN herself and her view of the poem’s interpretations, poetry and contact through reading together, “becoming” the poem in mind and heart. Such a living and to some extent improvised form of contact with the viewer and poetry arouses great interest in the audience. Our Poetry Cellar has a formula similar to, but slightly different than, “Salon”. It started its exploration of poems in the cellar in Żoliborz in Warsaw and until 2018 was a “wandering cellar” – in friendly places in this extraordinary district of our city. Admission to the meetings was and is free. This peculiar journey was under the patronage and organization support of the then Mayor of Żoliborz District, Krzysztof Bugla. The project “Piwnica Poetycka” is dedicated to Kalina Jędrusik, the twentieth anniversary of her departure, the atmosphere of the HOME of Kalina Jędrusik and Stanisław Dygat, as well as the atmosphere of the Żoliborz Houses!

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of Kalina Jędrusik’s death and the 90th anniversary of her birth.

We would like to recall, at least for a moment, revive the atmosphere of the houses of the pre-war Polish intelligentsia, give our guests courage and faith in the meaning and necessity of “self-expression”. In our Cellar, GENERATIONS meet, also culturally and environmentally different, they reach for thoughts and poems, emotions put aside, sometimes forgotten.

All this comes true and is included in the broader artistic and social project “Musicality for Life” initiated by Anna Bojarska in 1991, and since 1996, together with Marek Urbański, continued to this day. It is joined by wonderful and extraordinary creators.

It is carried out in stages in various Polish cities, from the day of Kalina Jędrusik’s death on August 7, 1991. He is faithful to the intentions of Stanisław Dygat’s saying “Musicality for life”, which tries to define the development of the ability to hear, to see special vibrations of human sensitivity, to feel the discovery, retain and develop unknown talents, promote young, gifted people. CELLARS WALKING AFTER ŻOLIBORZ, today meetings are reborn in Praga Południe and perhaps appear in other districts of Warsaw.

Piwnica poetycka Foundation

Multimedia from the basement

Piwnica poetycka Foundation

Special guests of the cellar meetings 2011-2018

The cellars gather their audience - about 100 people come to almost every meeting. It is carried out under the patronage of the Association of Polish Writers of the Warsaw Branch. The initiator of the Cellars is Anna Bojarska - and the hosts of each meeting are: IRENA JUN Anna Bojarska and Marek Urbański and the guests invited by them

From October 16, 2011 to April 2018, 52 meetings of the Piwnica Poetycka were held, attended by outstanding actors of Polish scenes, including:

Irena Jun

- one of the most outstanding Polish theater actresses, since 1972 continuously associated with the Studio Theater in Warsaw. In 2013, she celebrated her 55th jubilee of artistic work. For decades associated with the amateur recitation movement as well as the amateur and professional theater movement. As a juror, consultant, workshops and classes, masters. He lectures at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Dedicated to the word. Its sound, tissue, content and thoughts contained in it.

Anna Bojarska

Actress, singer, theater scientist, culture manager. Today she is not permanently associated with any scene. Over thirty years of creative work experience: theater, TV film (television theaters, series, concerts, recitals). From childhood, she has been associated with the word workshops run by Irena Jun. For 12 years she also worked at the Lalka Theater in Warsaw, where, in addition to her artistic work, she was involved in the promotion of this special stage. She is interested in the creative and cognitive process in itself, in the context of various fields of art. A graduate of the Institute of Theater Literature and Audiovisual Arts at the University of Lodz in Łódź, Postgraduate Pedagogical Studies at the University of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Puppet-animator at the Faculty of Puppetry in Białystok at the Theater Academy in Warsaw, graduate of the Postgraduate Studies in Management at the University of Warsaw, Postgraduate Studies in Voice Emission at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. Third-year student of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the program Adults for Art - Open Academy. He learns and creates in the drawing and painting studio of prof. Elżbieta Banecka.

In her output, the most important theatrical roles are:

Luiza according to M. Hłaska in the Convert, dir. J. Zembrzuski at the 77 theater in Łódź; "Specter" "In a Little Manor" by Witkacy, dir. R. Cabana Theater of L. Solski-Tarnów, "Juliasiewiczowa" in "Morality Pani Dulska" by G. Zapolska, dir. S. Świder; L. Solski-Tarnów Theater "Hermenegilda Kociubińska" in "Green Goose" by Gałczyński, dir. K. Prusa; Dramatic Theater in Tarnów L. Solski; Participation in the play "Brel" at the Helena Modrzejewska Theater in Legnica. Cooperation with W. Młynarski. Of particular importance for the artist is the character of "The Wanderer" in a monodrama based on his own script based on the poems by Danuta Wawiłow entitled "My secret". This work, with breaks, has continued to this day since 1996. The performance in the theater and workshop version was awarded at theater and international festivals (acting, director's award for stage design and music at the International Festival of the Theater in a Suitcase -Łomża 1997, Honorable Mention at the International Festival of Puppet Soloists in Łódź in 1999, nomination of the monthly PANI to the 100 most outstanding Polish women 2000, etc.) "My secret" also had promotional appearances at the Mały Theater in Warsaw and at the Actors' Initiatives Exchange at the Rampa Theater in Warsaw. A separate creative chapter is activity related to the theater of the young audience, with children.

For almost four years she led the International Children's Choir Piccolo Roma-Children of the World together with the Director of the Gypsy Group Roma. The roles important to her from this trend in the art of the young viewer are: Milady after Dumas in Three Musketeers, dir. Massimo Schuster - performances at the Teatro Verde in Rome and an unusual meeting with puppets at a private audience with John Paul II; Andersen's "Little Match Girl" directed by W. Wolański (television theater production) Łódź, Bert in A. Maleszka's "Wielkoludy", dir. S. Ochmański; The Arlekin Theater - Łódź. "Grandpa to Ask" in "Miracles in Buda or Demo of the Lalka Theater" dir. W. Szelachowski. She played nearly fifty roles in the mainstream of animation theater. During the creation of the Warsaw Uprising Museum in 2004, together with Marek Urbański, she recreated puppets from the Zofia Czerwosz Insurgent Puppet Theater, which are still part of the exhibition in the Little Insurgent Hall of the Warsaw Uprising Museum. He also creates his own song and song theater.

She collaborated with Kalina Jędrusik, (she was her artistic ward, which she considers one of the most important awards in her life) Jerzy Derfl, Wojciech Młynarski, Zygmunt Konieczny. Anna Bojarska's repertoire includes songs by Zygmunt Konieczny, given to her by the composer, songs by Wojciech Młynarski, Agnieszka Osiecka, Jonasz Kofta, Jeremy Przybora and Jerzy Wasowski, songs of the interwar period, Jewish songs, Romani songs. 52 meetings of reading poems in front of and with the audience entitled "Piwnica Poetycka" as part of a wider author's series "MUSICALITIES FOR LIFE" dedicated to Kalina Jędrusik and Stanisław Dygat and the atmosphere of the houses of STAR ŻOLIBORZ. In 2017, in cooperation with the Jerzy Ficowski Foundation, she started a series of reading and painting poems and fairy tales by Jerzy Ficowski, entitled "Gałązka z życia świata". Since January 2018, he has been the president of the Piwnica Poetycka-Ens Foundation for Culture and National Heritage. He co-creates the substantive program of the Foundation for the Polish word and culture. Since 2019, he has been creating a proprietary meeting place KREDENS POD OKNAMI in cooperation with the Szaserów Housing Cooperative, the Piwnica Poetycka ENs Foundation under the patronage of the Mayor of Praga Południe district. - organizes meetings, workshops, concert for seniors. Creates a proprietary intergenerational Local Activity Club.

Marek Urbański

A theater, film and television actor, cooperating with the radio (radio plays, commentaries, own columns), dubbing and recording studios (documentaries, reportages, dialogue lists). The creator of many musical studies of contemporary drama and poetry. Author and narrator of radio columns for Radio Łódź in the late 90s: Interpretations - Art - Everyday A graduate of the undergraduate studies of WOT A.T. them. A. Zelwerowicz in Warsaw - Extramural Department. Irena's student Jun. Actor associated with the stage since 1975. Student of Zuzanna Łozińska - Jelenia Góra. He values the WAY more than just achieving the GOAL. He received his first camera on the occasion of his 5th birthday. From his father's mother, née Greim, a descendant of Michał Greim. From February 2005 to August 31, 2010 in the ensemble of the Rampa Theater in Warsaw.

Roles in the season 2013/2014:

  • Claudius “Hamlet” dir. Steven Livermoor, Theater of Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów;
  • VICTOR of “Boguduchawinnych” by Adam Słowik, dir. Krzysztof Galos at the Teatr im. Wanda Siemaszkowa in Rzeszów. Polish premiere on January 12, 2013.
  • From October 2011, together with Irena Jun and Anna Bojarska, he has been co-creating the POETYCKA BASE in Żoliborz. FB
  • PALMIRY: List of the names of those killed – recording 2011 ‘
  • Roman Soldier “Androkles and the Lion” Georg Bernard Show, dir. Henryk Tomaszewski
  • The Dream “Protesilas and Laodamia” Stanisław Wyspiański, dir. Henryk Tomaszewski
  • Younger butler “Nadobnisie i Koczkodany” Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, dir. Krystian Lupa
  • The Hero’s Double “Transparent Room” collective creation of the team, dir. Krystian Lupa
  • Beelzebub “Forefathers” part. III “Adam Mickiewicz, dir. Grzegorz Mrówczyński
  • Bimbo the Clown “Farewell Performance” Peter Müller, dir. Jacek Pazdro
  • Little Lord “Giants from the Mountains” Luigi Pirandello, dir. Jacek Pazdro
  • On “Inner Life” dir. A. Augustynowicz – Award at the XXIX Stage Art Festival in Kalisz
  • Young Boy “War Poems” dir. Stefan Szlachtycz TV Theater
  • Young Boy “Herbert’s Poems” Zbigniew Herbert, dir. Piotr Słowikowski TV Theater
  • Lennox “Mackbeth” William Shakespeare, dir. Andrzej Pawłowski
  • Prince “Romeo and Juliet” William Shakespeare, dir. Piotr B. Jędrzejczak
  • Zuker “The Promised Land” Władysław Reymont, dir. Remigiusz Caban
  • Franz Kafka “The Pułapka” Tadeusz Różewicz, dir. Remigiusz Caban
  • Captain of “Woyzeck” Georg Buchner, dir. Jacek Zembrzuski
  • Żdanow “Master Course” David Pownell, dir. Tadeusz Junak TV Theater
  • Father Robak “Pan Tadeusz” Adam Mickiewicz, dir. Magda Cwen
  • Waniek Ferdynand “Audience” Vaclav Havel, dir. Tadeusz Pliszkiewicz
  • Kuba “Pętla” Marek Hłasko, ed. dir. Marek Urbanski
  • Kozdroń “In a Little Manor House” Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, dir. Remigiusz Caban
  • Hero II “File” Tadeusz Różewicz dir. Krzysztof Galos
  • Julian Acevedo “The Sailor from Amsterdam” Tulio Stella, dir. Remigiusz Caban – own production with the participation of the Argentine Ambassador, Mr. Pasalacua
  • Tzadik “Sztukmistrzu z Lublinina” Isaac Bashevis Singer, dir. Jan Szurmiej
  • The traveler “Candide” Voltaire, dir. Maciej Wojtyszko
  • The painter “Brother of Our God” Karol Wojtyła, dir. Paweł Aigner
  • Doctor “How to become a Jewish mother. Ten Practical Lessons ”Paul Fuks, dir. Jan Prochyra
  • Businessman “Six in One”, dir. Grzegorz Warchoł
  • Judge “Pan Tadeusz” Adam Mickiewicz, dir. Irena Jun
  • Claudius “Hamlet” William Shakespeare, dir. Steve Livermore
  • Wiktor Orłowski “Boguduchawinni” Adam Słowik, dir. Krzysztof Galos
  • Crazy Peter “The Green Goose Theater” Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, dir. Szczepan Szczykno
  • Wit Stwosz “Wit Stwosz” Konstanty Ildefons Gałczyński, dir. Irena Jun
  • Police Commissioner of the SD SS “Cardinal Hlond” Paweł Woldan, dir. Paweł Woldan, TV Theater 2018 ‘
  • Pole 1 “The Man Who Stopped Russia” Beata Hyczko, Tomasz Drozdowicz, dir. Tomasz Drozdowicz, TV Theater 2018

Piwnica poetycka Foundation

Selected posters from the basement