"... And when there is no sign that is more durable than us, neither is we ..."

Jerzy Ficowski

Piwnica poetycka FOUNDATION


The Piwnica Poetycka ENS Foundation for Culture and National Heritage was established with the mission of socially useful activity and creation.

It is the result of the passion and many years of creative search by two artists, Anna Bojarska and Marek Urbański and the people they invite to cooperate.
It has existed in its current legal form since January 26, 2018.
He realizes his goals by consolidating and creating new values, inspiring and teaching a new generation to develop creatively and strengthen in a sense of the need for patriotic activity and promotion of Polish culture.
It supports and promotes all activities aimed at human harmony with his environment and the context of social and cultural life, development. It undertakes, consolidates and strengthens all creative and constructive initiatives aimed at the mental and physical balance and health of people in all age groups, and being in harmony with the landscape and geopolitical environment according to the broadly understood principles of humanitarian action and coexistence also with the so-called "Brothers less" or animals.

Anna Bojarska-Urbańska

President of the Piwnica Poetycka ENS Foundation for Culture and National Heritage

Actress, singer, theater scientist, culture manager. Today she is not permanently associated with any scene. Over thirty years of creative work experience: theater, TV film (television theaters, series, concerts, recitals). From childhood to this day associated with the word workshops run by Irena Jun. For 12 years she also worked at the Lalka Theater in Warsaw, where, in addition to her artistic work, she was involved in the promotion of this special stage. She is interested in the creative and cognitive process in itself, in the context of various fields of art. A graduate of the Institute of Theater Literature and Audiovisual Arts at the University of Lodz in Łódź, Postgraduate Pedagogical Studies at the University of Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Puppet-animator at the Faculty of Puppetry in Białystok at the Theater Academy in Warsaw, graduate of the Postgraduate Studies in Management at the University of Warsaw, Postgraduate Studies in Voice Emission at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. Third-year student of the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in the program Adults for Art - Open Academy. He learns and creates in the drawing and painting studio of prof. Elżbieta Banecka

Marek Urbański

Representative of the Piwnica Poetycka ENS Foundation for Culture and National Heritage

A theater, film and television actor, cooperating with the radio (radio plays, commentaries, own columns), dubbing and recording studios (documentaries, reportages, dialogue lists). The creator of many musical studies of contemporary drama and poetry.

Author and narrator of radio columns for Radio Łódź in the late 90s:

Interpretations - Art - Everyday A graduate of the undergraduate studies of WOT A.T. them. A. Zelwerowicz in Warsaw - Extramural Department. Irena's student Jun.

He has been associated with the scene since 1975. Student of Zuzanna Łozińska - Jelenia Góra. He values the WAY more than just achieving the GOAL. He received his first camera on the occasion of his 5th birthday. From his father's mother, née Greim, a descendant of Michał Greim.