Piwnica poetycka Foundation

My secret

according to the poems of Danuta Wawiłow

Design and performance Anna Bojarska Directing care Dariusz Wiktorowicz Scenography Jan Zieliński Music Błażej Dowlasz Accordion Przemysław Wojciechowski Literary and theatrical fun for children aged 4-7. Vademecum of the theater for the youngest, performed by Anna Bojarska, introduces the viewer to the world of theatrical notions and to the magical atmosphere of Danuta Wawiłow's poems, drawn from the children's imagination. The play - play is to inspire the viewer to name feelings and emotions with their own language. This is how crumbs of children's poetry are created, which we will collect into a children's book of thoughts.


55 min

without break

For viewers


The performance - the meeting also aims to jointly create the "Children's Book of Thought" - books written, painted, by children. During or after the meeting, we ask the guardians o writing down children's thoughts, spoken during a joint action. We collect them in CHILDREN'S BOOK OF THOUGHT .. they can also be drawings. According to the idea of Danuta Wawiłow "every man is an artist, every child is a poet", crumbs of children's poetry are created!

From press reviews

The secret of the performance lies in a very serious approach to the youngest viewers. (...) With the help of very simple props and charming poems by Danuta Wawiłow, the actress created a separate world of the theater's imagination, a world that is to inspire us to name feelings and emotions in her own painting or literary language.