Piwnica poetycka

Dresser under the windows

Dresser under the windowsi Osiedlowe Intergenerational Place of Local Activity

It was established in April 2019 as a result of several years of cooperation between the Szaserów Housing Cooperative in Praga Południe and the Piwnica Poetycka ENS Foundation for Culture and National Heritage.

Dresser under the windows is a common, Intergenerational Place of Local Activity - creating and strengthening a community "Mała Ojczyzny" in Praga Południe in Osiedle Młodych, is a project born on the initiative of two artists from Housing estates who, in cooperation with the board of the housing cooperative "Szaserów", the parish priest of St. Paul the Apostle at Kobielska Street, in 2013, the owners of the local pastry shops started symphonic concerts and activities for children their grandparents in the square under the oaks in one of the backyards of the estate. It was and still is the series of concerts "Pod Oknami" for people older, sick and less well off. It was then that, thanks to the support and inspiration of the Board of the Housing Cooperative "Szaserów", the process of trying to open other residents of the estate to those we have "behind the wall" began. The Nasz Park estate "called by the residents (it is green and quiet, with old beautiful lime trees and oaks" with over 60 years of tradition of existence) is inhabited and inhabited by many artists, painters, architects, people of many professions related to education and science "Today, more than half of several of a thousandth community are people old, locked in their homes and the past. The initiative was born out of the need to share the joy of life and love to music, art, love for others, the need to practice my acting profession in its purest social activists and passions Kredens Pod Oknami INTERGENERATIONAL PLACE OF LOCAL ACTIVITY makes its spaces available to residents and local community initiatives. It belongs to the Cultural Cooperative. The action is co-financed by the capital city of Warsaw